Bobcat Cage Traps (Confinement Traps)

$500: 4 Cage Cluster (#1, #2, #3, #4)
$400: 3 Cage Cluster (#1, #2, #3)

Cages are available for sale in 3 or 4 cage clusters.  
  • I do not sell single cages.
  • Only the newest model cages are manufactured and sold.
  • Upgrade parts are available for sale for older generation models.

    • #1 Cage: 42"  x  22.5"   x  13.5"
    • #2 Cage: 42"  x  21.0"    x  12.0"
    • #3 Cage: 42"  x  19.5"   x  10.5"
    • #4 Cage: 42"  x  18.0"    x   9.0"

    Each of the four sizes is suitable for a large bobcat.
    The sizes vary so the cages fit inside one another as a convenient way to economize space (a "4 Cage Cluster" or a "3 Cage Cluster").


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    To make sure you get your cages promptly, please call or email for cage and supply availability. Payments can be made [1] via Paypal or [2] you can send me a cashiers check/money order to the address on my contact page.
    (If you do not have a Paypal account, it is easy to create one so you can use your credit or debit card. Paypal will take you through a few steps to create an account and you can pay with your card.  It's easy.)

    I ship FEDEX as it is the most economical for my customers.  I charge the exact amount it costs me.  When you e-mail or call me to order your cages I can give you the shipping costs and the total bill.  I have shipped hundreds of cages all across the United States.  I have figured out how to box up my cages in custom boxes so it is economical yet protects the cages during shipping.  Door frames and doors are shipped inside the cages with D rings supplied. The buyer puts the door frames onto the cages once they arrive.

    This is the newest cage design by Briarpatch Cages. It has been enhanced from our previous design in several ways. 

    1. The short horizontal bar on each side of the door stops the sides of the door from bowing, which would make the door wider in the middle and slow or stop the door in the rails when tripped.
    2. Some Catch Poles will go through the vertical side openings. The "Ketch-All" won't fit. I designed the Briarpatch Catch Poles so they can go through the 1.5 inch squares. If you want a catch pole which can fit into the squares of the cage, order the 42" Catch Pole
    3. The Briarpatch cam design uses pop rivets with copper bushings (which prevent corrosion) on the horizontal and vertical rods. This has replaced the use of nuts and bolts, which could loosen over time.  The Sure-Fire pan design triggers no matter which part of the plate is stepped upon. .Combined with the pan tension set to your desired weight, you get 100% firing potential for your targeted quarry.  We have found the pan moves much smoother. 
    4. There are angle bars on the bottom inside of each rail which stops a lion or large bobcat from pulling the door inside the cage.

    • View additional photos of this cage here.
    • Click here to watch a video of how to put on the front cage assembly. If your cages are shipped, this is the information you need.


Repeating Vermin Cages

I have developed a cage trap that will catch multiple vermin without having to be emptied.  The trap resets itself using a counter weight trap door system.  Just place some bait in the small container inside the entryway and put the cage where you are seeing vermin traffic and  come back later to a cage with several vermin in the dumping cage. To see additional pictures of the repeating vermin cages click here.

Small cage (14" x 8" x 36" ) for $80  
Large cage (17" x 10" x 36") for $100


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