The Briarpatch Cage Advantage

With each year, more and more trappers across the United States are learning about the Briarpatch Advantage.  The Briarpatch Cage System gives trappers the advantage of heavier gauge wire, sure-fire pan design, bar spring locks, pop rivets with copper bushings, catch pole friendly doors, and a longer 42" cage to insure the bobcat is TOTALLY inside the cage before the door falls.  All these features come standard on Briarpatch Cage Traps.

We have redone our website so it is easier to navigate.  Any items for sale aside from cages can be found in the supplies link at the top menu.  If you can not find what you are looking for, feel free to contact me.    -Bob

Destroying the Myth About Trapping

The public has many misconceptions about trapping.  Together we can make a positive change in "Destroying the Myth," starting by sharing this video with everyone you can.  Consider emailing it to friends, showing it to neighbors, posting it on forums and asking your social networks to watch the clip. (

Briarpatch Bobcats

Thank you to our customers for your photos of
bobcats caught in Briarpatch Cages!

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