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Briarpatch Cage Pop Rivet and Copper Bushing Upgrade Kit
This kit will upgrade your cam and pan to pop rivets and copper bushings.  This upgrade is highly recommended as the pan moves with little or no friction.  It makes for a super smooth pan fall.  Plus now you have no nuts to work themselves loose on a bumpy road.  Note- This upgrade requires a heavy duty pop rivet gun ran by an air compressor.  I have found Harbor Freight carries the cheapest rivet guns.
20 Pop rivets and bushings- $10

Briarpatch Cage Lock Upgrade Kit
This upgrade supplies you with the metal tabs locks, the springs, and the pop rivets and copper bushings.  This lock system is superior to other cages on the market that just use a swinging metal tab to keep the cage door from being pushed up.  If those cages top forward or are knocked over, the metal tab lock will swing open and the door can raise.  Don't chance a high dollar pelt to a simple lock relying on gravity.  We use a spring to keep the tab closed.  Our cage lock will work on it's side or even upside down.
Parts to upgrade the locks on 4 cages- $10

Briarpatch Catch Poles

42" and 60" Catch Pole- New spring loaded lock. Replaceable cable. Buy the 60" if you're catching lions. 
Item number- BP100-  42" Pole  $40
Item number- BP101-  60" Pole $45


Briarpatch Bobcat Stretcher
Bobcat Stretcher- Stretchers come in 42" or 48" lengths. 42" are for small bobcats.  48" for large bobcats.  Special manual spreader at head.  Basswood frame construction with adjustable rear leg board.

Item number- BP103-   3 42" Stretchers $100
Item number- BP104-   3 48" Stretchers $110


Brairpatch Danglers
Approximately hangs 12" down with wire hook.  Quality made with
3 color faux fur and expensive reflective eye. 

Item number- BP105-   6 Danglers $30
  Item number BP106-    12 Danglers $55


Cage Trap Clips
If you put plastic on your cage traps you have probably had trouble keeping the plastic down as you make the set.  Plastic also blows in the wind after the set is made and can scare a bobcat.  I made these cage clips that fit either 1" wire or 1.5" wire.  They keep the plastic nice and tight against the cage.

Item number- BP106-   20 1" clips- $10
Item number- BP107-   20 1.5" clips- $10


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