Kingman Fur Sale
March 14, 2015
Kingman, AZ

  • Click here for FUR SALE FLYER -- Feel free to print it
  • The Briarpatch Fur Sale will be held each year on the 2nd Saturday in March.
  • Fees: $20 registration fee & 1% commission on Fur Sold. There is never a No Sale Fee.
  • Trappers will have their choice of Sealed or Open Bid.
  • Sealed Bids the Trappers can get their checks and leave before the Auction Starts.
  • Open Bids will be the same as last year, checks will be wrote after the auction, by lot numbers.
  • We will be taking in all Furs not just Bobcats but they will be put on separate tables and the
  • Bobcat Pelts auctioned first, then the other furs.
  • The Pelts will be taken in from 9AM Friday morning until 10AM Saturday.
  • Last year (2014) was a Buyers Market, and Bobcat Pelt Prices dropped. This year could be different, as the market establishes.
  • Please contact me with any questions -- thanks!

  • Arizona Game and Fish will not be selling CITES tags at the 2015 fur sale. CITES tags can be purchased from the the Kingman AZ Game & Fish office, which closes at 5PM on Fridays.

    Mohave County Fairgrounds
    600 Fairgrounds Ave.
    Kingman, AZ 86401



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