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Every trapper needs lure to coax those finicky bobcats and foxes into the set.  Some trappers take their changes buying mysterious lure from catalogues.  For decades I have made my own lure and it has produced 100 bobcat season more than once.  I sell it at conventions and am now offering it online while my supply lasts.  All I ask is try it one season and see if it works.  If it does, you know where to get more.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If my Brairpatch lure does not work as advertised, just return your lure and I will give you your money back.

Want to try your hand at creating your own bobcat lure?  Buy my DVD and I walk you though the process of collecting the glands I use.  My own personal  lure has several other ingredients I do not divulge.

I sell 4 different types of lures and 1 bait.  Each lure has a specific use and I carry all 4 with me at all times while trapping.  The lures come in 2 different sizes, 1 oz and 4 oz.

#1 -- Grey Fox Gland Lure
This special gland lure works for both grey fox and bobcat.  It is made from select glands and various other scent enhancements.

$6: 1 oz. Grey Fox Gland Lure (BP120)
$20: 4 oz. Grey Fox Gland Lure (BP121)

#2 -- Desert Call Lure
This is long distance  'call' lure.  I use it to lure in bobcats and foxes into the general area of my sets and then once the target  animal is around, my gland lure will pull them into committing using footholds. With cages traps, call lures can be used inside the cage.

$6: 1 oz Desert Call Lure (BP122)
$20: 4 oz. Desert Call Lure (BP123)

#3 -- Bobcat Gland Lure
This lure is made exclusively for bobcats. I make this from actual bobcats I harvest in my own traps.  I take only the most productive glands and use a process combining these glands and other important ingredients to form a lure than has enables me to take over 100 bobcats a season on several occasions.

$6: 1 oz. Bobcat Gland Lure(BP124)
$20: 4 oz. Bobcat Gland Lure (BP125)

#4 -- Stubtail Call Lure
Stubbtail Call Lure is a long distance lure to attract bobcats to your set.  Bring them from far away using this lure then when they get close my bobcat gland lure will lure them all the way into the set.  The Stubtail Call Lure & Bobcat lure are the 1-2 knock-out punch using footholds  Call lures can also be used in the cage.

$6: 1 oz. Stubtail Call Lure (BP126)
$20: 4 oz. Stubtail Call Lure (BP127)

#5 -- Bobcat Paste Bait
Made with bobcat meat and other key ingredients to bring bobcats to your set.  Appeal to a cat's sense of taste and smell.  Place a few small portions outside the cage, and then some behind the pan.  I, myself, caught several dozen bobcats in the first season I used this method. Can be used with footholds also.

$4: 1 oz. Bobcat Paste Bait (BP128)
$12: 4 oz. Bobcat Paste Bait (BP129)

#6 -- Lure Capsule
Lure capsules as mentioned in the cage trapping video.

$3: one dozen lure capsules

#7 -- Lure Dropper Tip w/ Rubber Bulb

$1: dropper for one ounce lure bottle
$1.25: dropper for four ounce lure bottle

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