DVDs by Bob Small available for purchase:

[1] The Secrets to Cage Trapping Bobcats (newest - cage trapping) $100.00
[2] The Secrets to Harvesting 100 Bobcats a Season(foothold trapping) $40
[3] The Secrets to Harvesting Coyotes and Foxes(foothold trapping) $40

Newest DVD set available:


[1] The Secrets to Cage Trapping Bobcats by Bob Small $100.00
(This 3 DVD set contains 4 hours of content!)

I spent 1 year on this project in order to bring the secrets I've gathered from decades of trapping to produce this DVD set on Cage Trapping Bobcats.
  • Finding the Bobcat
  • Trapping the Bobcat
  • Dispatching the Bobcat
  • Skinning the Bobcat
  • Preparing the Bobcat fur for sale.
  • Extras: I go into some of the rules & regulations, the tools a cage trapper needs, dealing with non-target animals, & other interesting topics for trappers.
I explain in detail every trick I use to get bobcats to go into cages.  I go in-depth into how to select areas to trap in, how to set up your cage trap, the most efficient way to check your traps, and keeping your trap out of the public's eye.  I skin out 2 bobcats and show what the fur buyers are looking for when they handle your fur.  I go into which glands I use on the bobcat, to sell glands, or to make your own lures.  I cover the various methods of dispatching your caged bobcat and take you step by step as I dispatch a nice tom I catch.  I show up close and in detail what to look for when you are purchasing cage traps.  What features are needed and which are just for show and serve no purpose.  Watching this DVD will give you all the information you will need to catch bobcats with cage traps.  Veteran trappers will find the information contained in this DVD a perfect supplement to their current ways of trapping as I focus on many details to entice that bobcat to not only step into your cage but go all the way to the back and step on the pan.  Beginning cage trappers will need to watch this video several times as there is too much information to grasp in 1 viewing.  At $100 for my 3 DVD set, if you are able to trap 1 additional bobcat this season due to the secrets I divulge in this production then you have more than paid for the expense.

Please Note: This DVD is formatted to play in a laptop or desktop computer and may not be compatible with some home-DVD players. If any of the disks to not play in your home entertainment system, please try playing them in your computer. Thank you!

Two Earlier Videos: Remain in high demand!


[2] The Secrets to Harvesting 100 Bobcats a Season by Bob Small $40
[3] The Secrets to Harvesting Coyotes and Foxes by Bob Small $40

~~~ Save by purchasing both DVDs, [2] & [3], for $70 ($10 off) ~~~

Years ago I a made 2 VHS tapes.  One on trapping bobcats and another on trapping coyotes and grey foxes.  I sold them at fur conventions and through word of mouth.  As the years have gone by my VHS tapes are still in demand but people are asking for it in a DVD format now so I had some made.  My DVDs are competitively priced and include information the other DVD makers are not providing.

These two DVDs are not about cage trapping. 
They are about foot hold traps, bobcat fur prep, and extracting glands for lure making. 


1. Gland lure and why is is so much better than anything else for bobcat trapping.
2. Where to set up foothold traps if you are targeting bobcats, coyotes and grey foxes.
3. How to set up your trap with visual cues to lure bobcats to commit.
4. Step by step instructions on how and which glands to take to create your own lure..
5. How to properly skin and flesh a bobcats, coyotes, and grey foxes.
6. How to present your bobcat, grey fox and coyote pelts for a fur buyer.
7. The double foothold set and why it is double effective.
8. Which glands I use and which I discard.
9. Tips on using drags on foot hold sets.
10. Visual cues I use on foothold sets to ID if they've been hit.

My DVDs are the absolute best on the market -- bar none. 

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